Hump Day Humor: Cheap Admission

Having money is great. Saving money to have more when you need it is always a good idea and it always pays off. But there is a conspiracy out there to separate me from my money. Whenever I want to use some service or to obtain some type of good, may it be in the form of some type of edible treat or skin warming fabric, people want to charge me money for it. I can’t stand being charged for things that I need to survive, so when I stumbled upon a nice little scheme to get me 50% off the price of admission to various places of necessity I was shocked and awed by its subtle elegance. You see, with a little guile, a small amount of assembly skills, and an extremely flexible (or smallish) companion, you will never have to pay the full price for admission ever again.

Here is how it works:

  1. You and a buddy (spouse, teenage child, friend, grandparent, total stranger, or pooka) decided what you want to pay half price to go see – it could be a movie, sporting event, or fair
  2. Together you requisition a child transportation device (CTD) made popular by various celebrities because if you are going to save a few bucks you might as well do it style
  3. Make sure one of you can fit in it – adjust the CTD accordingly if one of you cannot
  4. Reinforce said CTD to support the weight of a grown man – you never know whne you might need it
  5. Go to your location
  6. One of you get inside CTD – be sure to cover it so that the people think that there is a baby inside the CTD
  7. Pay for one (1) admission
  8. Enter venue
  9. Wait till lights dim(or enter restroom ) and escape the CTD
  10. Subterfuge completed

In case you think that his is just a little too far fetched, check out this video that proves that this will work 100% of the time – no questions asked:

Find more how to and instructional Tricks videos on

Since this obviously works, let us to turn our attention towards where we might be able to go in order to take full advantage of the massive money saving potential that these kind hearted individuals opened our eyes to. In San Diego and its environs this scheme could pay off big at:

*All genders welcome. You don’t even have to be the “child’s” parent. Score!

Now that is a lot of savings! If you are a truly ambitious individual you could forgo the friend and just try and get some random stranger to claim you as their child as they wheel you into a movie theater for free – for free! All they would have to do is park you inside the restroom of your choice and you could enjoy an unlimited number of free admissions to all sorts of destinations.

Greedy-people-who-want-to-take-my-money-for-their-goods-or-services: 0
Steward and Family/Friends/Random internet strangers: 1

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