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My Family Is Moving!

In one day less than a month my family is going to be moving.  That is right – my wife, my son, and I are moving away from beautiful San Diego, California.  Our destination: Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ll be attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to get my MDiv.  Classes don’t actually start until August, but we are heading out early for several reasons:

  1. It will give us a chance to spend some extended time with my wife’s family who lives on the East Coast
  2. A friend of mine is getting married in July on the East Coast, and it doesn’t seem practical to go from San Diego, then to the East Coast, and then back to San Diego, and then back to Kentucky to go to school all in one month’s time
  3. It will give me some time to focus very seriously on making money online - which is going to be really important since I am quiting my cushy job to become a student again and my family will still need to eat, have a place to sleep, and not running around naked.  And I want to do it all debt free to boot!

Moving is an exciting proposition for us.  We’ll be far from both of our families (hours by plane from one and hours by car from the other) and will need to make new friends in a new area.  Most of the people we expect to be somewhat in the same circumstances of life as we are so that should lend itself to forming easy friendships.  We also plan to live on campus for the first year (if we can get into campus housing), so that should help too.

There are still a lot of finance related things that I have to get done before we move and get into the thick of school, like:

  • Get a new bank account – After my run in with Chase’s fraud protection I am still unable to get into my online banking with them. This is completely unacceptable and has really hurt my ability to keep track of my families finances over the past several months, that and the fact that I have just been lax recently. I have called Chase customer support and I have gone into the branch and talked to Chase representatives but no one seems to be able, or willing, to fix my problem for me. So I will be taking my money elsewhere.  Both a checking account and a savings account or certificates of deposit will be in order.
  • Get another new bank account -My ability to make money online is steadily improving and I am going to need to claim some of the income that I end up making.  Heck, I may even end up starting by own business – with a company name and everything if profits turn out to be good enough and doing so would be to my benefit.  Getting a new checking account will be the first step in that process and help me better manage the money that my online efforts make me.
  • Find health insurance – This is a pretty big deal.  With a 6 month old son and a wife to take car of, making sure that they have access to affordable health care is really important.  Jr. will need shots and regular appointments to make sure he is growing and staying strong.  There is also the option of us having another child (or two) while we are at school.  Even though natural child birth is significantly less expensive than medically assisted child birth, it still can cost a few thousand dollars over the course of an entire pregnancy.
  • Find life insurance – If something terrible were to happen to me or my wife where we were to die while our family is in Kentucky than the survivor would have to pay lots of money for various things, not to mention need to re-examine what they should be doing with their life now that their “other” has died.  We don’t want to make each other have to worry about money in this situation, so life insurance is the way to go.
  • Find a car – Our 1995 Toyota Corolla has served us well, but I fear that it will not make the arduous cross country trip very well.  Rather than ship it, we are just going to buy a new or new-to-us car while we are with the in-laws on the East Coast.  I’ve never purchased a car before, so the whole process seems a little daunting – especially give with how much I suck at shopping.
  • Buy a laptop - This is kind of business related, kind of school related, and kind of family dynamics related.  We could definitely use a second laptop so that each of us could be working on the computer at the exact same time, especially when Jr. is asleep or when we both have a lot to do on the computer.  I have a feeling that this will only intensify once school starts as I will need the computer most of the time to earn money, study, write papers, and take notes – leaving my wife with no computer, not even to check her bloggity blogs.  I think that we will increase productivity by close to 100% with two laptops.  This is good.  It also means that I will need to fork out $400-$800 for a laptop.
  • Make more money online - Arguable the most important thing because it will impact all of our existence in our new home.  Without money we will not eat and without eating we will not live.  Not good.  I am pretty confident that we will continue to eat and that we will be able to make enough online to get by, I just need to put in the work.  If I don’t put in the work, my family doesn’t eat.  That would just suck.

There is plenty of work to be done around here. Its time to get my family moved.