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The recent stimulus plan being bandied about our two houses of Congress is now somewhere around $900,000,000,000.  That is a lot of zeroes.  To put that number in some perspective, lets turn our attention to this Richard Feynman quote:

There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.

$900 Billion is approximately 9 times the number of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.  Now that is a lot of dollars.  It is still relatively small in comparison to the estimated 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the galaxy – I hope we never start issuing stimuli that big for the economy!

I have to be honest, I really don’t get how modern economies work.  It’s not like currency is backed by anything with objective value so to me, a $9 Billion stimulus might as well be a $70 Sextillion stimulus.  Money is only as good as the slaves it creates so if the the number and quality of people that are enslaved by our government’s stimulus is the same, what does it matter the dollar value?  Money is the new form of slavery.

The more I think about money and culture the more I am baffled by our complex, organic, and evolving economic system.


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Random Something

I am completely addicted to Dawn of War 2.  I know I probably don’t really have the time to be playing video games, but I really enjoy the strategy element in games like this and pitting my skills agains other players on the internet.  Right now it is free to play (it is still in beta) so it doesn’t cost me anything, but I might just buy it – it is that much fun.