Net Worth

Net Worth for July 2008 – A Long Time Coming

I have finally updated my family’s net worth and I am pretty pleased with the results. Since last I checked at the beginning of June my family’s total value has grown by $940 or 3.54%. June was a relatively slow month, bringing in only $341, a 1.28% growth, The big mover definitely was July where I got three paychecks (sweet!) and we saw our net worth increase by $599 (2.23%). I think I was expecting a higher jump because my extra paycheck was for the normal amount ($937 I get paid bi-weekly) and our total value has been growing by $700-$800 on normal months. The reason for the slower than expected growth is a lagging job market, fall-out from the sub-prime fiasco, moving out of our apartment and in with a relative, and vacations. Stupid boxes costing money and bosses not paying my wife while she spends time with her family.

For the visually inclined, here is the always beautiful net worth graph:

Net Worth July 2008

In other income related news I saw a nice growth in my alternative income in July. It grew by a massive 309%, bringing my monthly total up to $34.26. I agree, that is not very much, but if I see that same rate of growth (which I probably won’t) I will see revenue jump to $139. Either way, my $34 from July averages out to about $1 a day. This is exactly 1/73 of my additional income goal. Just 98.63% left to go!