Net Worth

Net Worth for March 2008 – I Am Legend Edition

The doom and gloom that I predicted last month did not materialize in the month of March, but it should have. Our net worth grew by 5% this month, or $1,126 according to my NetWorthIQ profile. Of that $1,126, $1,040 came from our tax refunds that we received from the Golden State and Uncle Sam. If we had not received this refund our total growth would have been $86 or 0.38%. Instead of the graph that you see on the right hand side of your screen with the nice upward slope you would have seen something that would have looked like this:Like I predicted last month, this graph has a striking similarity to the negative parabola of doom seen here:
Now our situation isn’t really all that bad, it’s just fun to draw a negative parabola of doom. But even if our financial future really does resemble this bleak one – I could always hope that a future cure for cancer morphs into a virus that wipes out 95% of humans, turns about 4% into freak of nature, zombie-esque mutants, and leaves less than 1% of humanity as we now know it. Then I could walk by piles of cash and not even think about picking up a penny of it – I wouldn’t even have to check my bank account balances anymore. Talk about liberating. It might be a little lonely – with all those empty buildings and quiet streets – but there are always trade-offs for financial stability. Man-made apocalypse here I come! (I Am Legend)