Poverty and Blog Action Day 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty.

What a great idea! If you run a blog then consider taking a part in this years Blog Action Day. By raising awareness of the local and worldwide issue concerning poverty and social justice maybe we can turn some of our (i.e. Western Civilization’s) massive amounts of private wealth toward more fruitful and beneficial causes than buying lattes, watching movies, and burning gasoline. We could focus on how to improve the condition of the estimated 1.1 billion living in extreme poverty (less than $1 a day).1

Just imagine if the ~301,000,000 people living in America were to universally divert $1 a day from their own pockets to improve economic infrastructure and food production capabilities in the communities of these 1.1 billion. What type of impact could we make in 1 year? In five? In ten? I can’t even imagine what 1,098,650,000,000 (1 trillion, 98 billion, 650 million) could do for the poorest of the poor in terms of equipping them thrive in a world economy – but my guess it could do a whole heck of a lot.

I hope that this is what the Blog Action Day 2008 will turn into – a day where we raise our collective awareness of how using our financial power thoughtfully can make a significant impact the world around us.

A special thanks need to go out to Gather Little By Little for bringing this to my attention.

You can register your blog here.

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