Quotes, Budgeting Basics, Twitter, and More

I just wanted to announce a couple of new happenings here in My Family’s Money land.  I have been working pretty diligently on a new portion of the site – a personal finance quotes section.  So far I have 35 different quotes up from sources as diverse as Fight Club and the Koran.  Please feel free to head on over there and check it out.  I plan on getting an interesting quote or two up every day during the week so if you are into that sort of thing you might want to consider subscribing to the RSS feed.

Also, I have been hard at work on a series that I am labeling Budgeting Basics.  I have already written the intro post at Budgeting Basics: Budgets Matter and I have about 5-10 more posts in the works, several of which I am working on figuring out video instructions for.  I’ll definitely need some feedback on these videos since I have a feeling that my first attempts will have some kinks that some constructive criticism will work out in the end.

In fact, if you could head on over to Budgeting Basics: Income Tracker and check out the video I would greatly appreciate it.  Let me know what you think about it in the comments section or fill out the contact form on my about page if you don’t want to make fun of me in front of everybody on the internet :) .  I will greatly appreciate any feedback you are willing to give.

On social networking1 news, I have joined the ranks of twitter.  You can join me at and become my follower.

And finally, the 162nd edition of the Festival of Frugality was published this week over at Gather Little By Little.  Head on over and check it out.

  1. Social Network = waste time at work []