Money Misc.

Really Pricey Food on the (Relatively) Cheap

Twice a year in San Diego we have a nice little thing called Restaurant Week. During the week you can attend any of the participating restaurants and get a three course meal for a flat rate of $30 or $40 depending on the restaurant. Now I am not one to go out to fancy pants restaurants that will probably end up burning over a $100 on a dinner for two, but I absolutely love Restaurant Week. Last year my wife (then fiance), dad, brother, and I went out to Bali Hai on Shelter Island and enjoyed the festivities. I a little foggy on the details of our meal, but I do remember having a lava cake that was absolutely stupendous. It was probably named something outlandish like Mount Get-Out-Of-Its-Path-Before-It-Kilauea-es-You Lava Cake – which is why is was so sinfully good.

Restaurant Week is running in San Diego right now (January 27 – February 1) so don’t miss out on this opportunity to take full advantage of the (relatively) cheap goodness at your disposal. My wife and I are definitely planning on trying to go again this year. We haven’t decided where yet, but in the next day or two we will doll up and check someplace out. If you want to know which restaurants are participating, check out this link – it categorizes all the different restaurants by region, price (either $30 or $40), or the plain old alphabetical listing. Be sure to set up a reservation in advance to ensure the best dinning experience – I can imagine that some of these restaurants get pretty crowded. If you can’t make it out because you got such late notice on the event don’t fret, make plans to hit up the next week scheduled for June 22-27, 2008.

Question: Anyone have any suggestions for a place to check out?