Review Day Is Approaching

In a few weeks I will be subjected to my very first annual review. I have absolutely no idea what to expect and this fact is generating no small amount of nervousness and excitement. I can’t wait to get more responsibility and more money from my employer, but I also have no clue how to go about it in a professional way. I mean I don’t really want to play hardball with my boss – that just isn’t me – and my impact on the company has been relatively small given the nature of my role in the company. I would much rather have my merit and service to my employer speak for me, but I may have to supplement my performance with some persuasive speech.

Here are some reasons why I want my review to go well:

  1. A productive review will give me an opportunity to clearly define my goals for the next year, giving me focus and making work much more enjoyable on the whole.
  2. Understanding where I am going in the short term might open up education opportunities that would make me more useful to my employer in the long term. I think that this might make me feel less like a clog in a great machine and more like a real boy.
  3. The money from a raise would be nice, enabling my wife and I to save more and meet our financial goals.
  4. I like the people I work with and I want things to go smoothly for their sake. I certainly don’t want to cause any awkwardness.

I will probably be scouring the internet soon to see what others have said on this topic. I’m sure somebody has had something useful to say that can help me out, I just haven’t looked yet.