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Rounding Out My Reading

Here is some of my Carnival reading from the Carnival of 20-something finance and the Carnival of Personal Finance:

f.f at Feminist Finance posted an article about the financial impact that effective and educated birth control can have on the finances of an individual or family. I think in large part she is dead on in this. I really disagree that abortion is a good form of birth control because I strongly disagree with the idea that we should kill a person to save money or make our lives easier (since I think that an unborn baby is a person). With that said, her article is still interesting if you are interested in thinking about gender, finances, or the impact of your choices on your financial health.

Though I was a little disappointed that this article from Biz Driven Life was more about your ability to handle risk and less about your ability to consume extremely large quantities of food or have a washboard stomach, I still liked how he mentioned “Fiddler on the Roof.” I’m off to marry Tevye’s eldest, Tzeitel. Not really, I am already married. And Tzeitel isn’t really real. But the movie is good, and so is being Jewish. But I’m not Jewish. Nor am I in a movie. I hope I am still good though.

Peter at Plan Your Escape posted at nice little article about how he and his wife organize their finances as a couple. I’m not sure I entirely agree with him on philosophical grounds (I’d probably have to see how his exact system plays out before a final judgment) but I like how his system fosters open communication about their financial life as a couple. I also like how he anticipates some potential changes to his system in case your financial health is not as robust as his is. It even has cool charts.

Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme posted some informative diagrams that explain to all the visual learners out there what cash flows look like at various stages of financial health. The goal would be to be like the last diagram, but still working to do something good for my fellow man – either by earning a wage and giving it away or by focusing my time and effort to personally benefit others. It sure would be great to eat and help others eat too!

Other News:
The Carnival of Cash Back will have its first edition next week on February 4. Amanda over at Me vs. Debt is the creator and first host of this nifty carnival idea. I am certainly going to head on over and check-out some of the great ideas on maximizing rewards programs. If you want to submit an article, you can check out her article or use the hyper link I stole from her.

The articles of mine that got included in various carnivals were:
The Magic of a Bloomin’ Onion
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