The Job Dilemma – The Resolution

It has been about three weeks since my wife talked to her boss about cutting back her hours so that she can focus on other things. Our fears about how the boss would react were groundless – everything turned out splendidly. My wife’s boss recognized my wife’s wishes without any fireworks and an agreement was easily and quickly struck. So starting next week my wife will only need to go into work four days a week for half of the day. Can you say awesome?

This development is going to change up some of our numbers. When I first calculated our 2008 expected income and expenses I anticipated that my wife would work a 20 hour work week instead of the 16 hour week she will be working now. This is changing our expected take home pay by about $1000 over the course of the year (given that she has worked at a full time clip over the course of this month). As a result, our short fall for desired savings goals is now estimated at -$3,830 from -$2,870. I am banking on the proposed economic stimulus package to make up the difference, but aside from that I don’t really see how finding and extra $4,000 dollars is any less possible than finding an extra $3,000. I know we will find a way to get it done. Here is the link to the updated post regarding our Annualized Expenses and Income.

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