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Leo Tolstoy Quote – People who have little thought …

People who have little thought of the relations of the rich to the poor generally assume that all that is necessary is for the rich to give to the poor, or that they should be compelled to give part of their wealth, and all would be wellBut this is a great mistake.  The whole thing is in the distribution.  If there is a poor man, it is always because the distribution effected by the laws in regard to the acquisition of property, the labour, and the relation of the classes is irregular; and so, to correct this irregular distribution, another has to be established.  But to take from the rich and give to the poor does not mean to make a new distribution, but only to introduce a great confusion into the old distribution.

- Leo Tolstoy1

  1. From Famine Letters in The Complete Works of Count Tolstoy, pg. 231 []


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